Wednesday, 3 August 2011

no rain

It was supposed to rain today and I planned to stay home all day cleaning our grubby flat but the sun is now out and its boiling hot. I should stay home and carry on with my boring cleaning plans but the weather is far too tempting. I'll save the cleaning til the next rainy day.
(above pic taken on a day when it wasn't supposed to rain so we planned a BBQ and went ahead anyway!)
Happy birthday Vindhya!!


  1. I stopped trusting the weather forecast here... But I'm loving the weather nowadays (except when its humid) :)

  2. i'd do the same, and maybe even jump in that water. i love your photos and your blog, i've been reading through old posts. (don't want to sound weird, i just love your photos and the charming way you write)((and my great grandparents were from norway, i've never really seen any photos. i appreciate your sharing.

  3. Hi Lori ann- Oh, Im constantly in and out of the water! I can't help myself! Thanks, I'm happy you like my blog so much!

  4. Hey Lisa,
    Just wanted to say a BIG thanks for being part of my birthday celebrations. It made my first birthday in Norway extra special :)