Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Yesterday I went back to the norwegian course and what a difference from when I first started!! I remember feeling so nervous that first day. I instantly hated the look of everyone on my course and came home announcing to Henrik, "Ugh, I hate it! I'm not going to make friends with any of these people. I shall learn norwegian and nothing else!" but yesterday I met up with all my friends/coursemates and we hugged/kissed and chatted and it felt nice to have the whole gang back together.
I have made some very nice friends at school and feel so happy to have all these people in my life now. We are all from different corners of the globe, with totally different backgrounds but I've realised that no matter where you are from, what religion you are, we are all the same. We are all struggling to find where we fit in Norway, we are all trying to integrate, we all want a job,we all miss our old lives/friends/family and we all just want to be happy.

(pics from Skagen, Denmark)


  1. Good to hear! Hope you'll have time to meet up again soon.

  2. Ahh... (p.s. what kind of pastries ARE THOSE?!)

  3. Janne- YES! We must meet up again soon! Life has been busy but I'm back to normal now (although I'm now starting school at 8.30am!!! shocking!)

    Siri- Oh my god! Those pastries were fanbloodytastic! Danish pastry with a gooey,sticky,almond filling with vanilla custard and chocolate icing! We scoffed the lot after our swim and then had to walk a few miles along the beach just so we didnt feel so guilty! (it was also only 20kr!) We bought sooooo much food in Denmark its not even funny!

  4. Hei! Du er flink!
    I can't imagine having to learn a new language at my age. I guess it's possible, but it would have taken so much effort (I even struggle to broaden my English vocabulary).
    Beste hilsen

  5. Hei Lisa! Just wanted to say that it's nice to have you in my class once again and together we CAN get through the barnehage course! :)

  6. .... and they are very lucky to have you x x