Friday, 1 July 2011


July already? Where has this year gone? Where is summer? There is certainly no sign of summer in Oslo today. Overcast and humid but I'm hoping the weather perks up as we are going to the cabin this eve and our friends bought an inflatable kayak which Henrik is dying to try out!
(pic of my 4 new Ikea chairs which were reduced from 495kr to only 95kr each. A bit of an impulse buy which Henrik really took offence to so they might end up in the cabin painted something less loud!)
Happy weekend folks!


  1. I like the chairs! Love the colour :)

    Have a nice weekend, I hope the weather will improve...

  2. Are they red? They look adorable!

  3. I like them too. Hope they can stay! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going..although, I tend to say that every year. Hope you’ve had a nice weekend Lisa x

  4. thanks ladies! and yes, Emily, they are red!