Friday, 22 July 2011


Hmmm, yes, so showing off about the lovely weather here yesterday was not a good idea as it's now pissing down! I actually need a break from it to be honest, I'm a bit sun burnt,windswept and my hair is dry and crispy from the sea salt (plus our flat is a pig sty from being out and about in the nice weather all week) So, today is tidy up day before we head to the cabin for the weekend.
I love Norway in the summer. Life feels easy. We have many beaches within biking distance (but we usually drive as we are normally loaded down with bbq's etc!) are surrounded with beautiful countryside and deserted islands, plus we don't have to battle traffic to get anywhere- and when we need a taste of city life we can take a 7 minute train journey to Oslo. Best of both worlds.
Happy weekend folks!


  1. Watching the news now, I thought of you - I hope you and Henrik are safe xxx

  2. Thanks Cat- we are safe. What a sad day though.

  3. Norway is in everyone's heart this morning as the news gets worse & worse.

  4. Dawn in Canada23 July 2011 at 14:12


    I was horrified to see the news about what happened. I am glad to read here that you and Henrik are safe. The people of Norway are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

    Please keep in touch.


  5. So glad you are safe :D Mx

  6. Hi Dawn- Thank you. I owe you a long e mail