Thursday, 21 April 2011


We spent most of our time in England in the small seaside village of Porlock but on the way down there and on the way back we were in London and we managed a few (very short) jaunts
to some of my favourite shops. I shopped like a woman possessed! Nothing too fancy, a dress,shoes,beauty products,paperchase goodies and a quick whiz around Waitrose and M&S. I was in heaven. One of the great things about coming back to England is the price. So cheap (but great quality) I'm already saving for our next trip!


  1. ' a woman possessed' ...that cracked me up ! are'nt we all...when it comes to spending and buying ! :) ... oh & i can't to see what you bought lisa...especially the dress !

    I am honestly a tiny bit envious of how you guys can travel, relax and absorb the beauty of your location, its so not easy to do when you've got a bunch of little one's in the you both better make the most of it while you can !

  2. England looks lovely Lisa! I can't wait to go visit! :)

  3. Yea, seriously, what Maya said. What's the scoop with your dashing Norwegian in the bowtie? Just a casual weekday lunch???

  4. Siri- The dashing Norwegian was at a wedding and was very chuffed to hear you call him that!