Thursday, 14 April 2011

Good things

Last night I made a delicious reindeer stew. Before I ever came to Norway I hated the idea of eating reindeer but it's one of the many new things I have embraced (along with yummy brunost!) and really like.
I do,however draw the line at whale meat- I shall not be trying that!
Been busy getting ready to leave for England. (at 4am tommorow-ugh) Filling Easter eggs,wrapping presents and packing summery clothes. I just managed to cram my feet into the shoes I plan to wear to this weekend's wedding and after 4 months in wellies it's safe to say that my feet are not happy to be squashed into a pair of gold,stiletto peep toe shoes!

p.s It's a beautiful day and I'm wearing my new yellow dress (which totally contradicts yesterdays post when I said I never buy clothes in Norway, although I have a loop-hole- the dress is Swedish! Ah-ha!)


  1. I like reindeer meat too! It's especially good with juniper (and a sauce made with brunost.) Whale meat is the horrible- the texture of beef, but the oily-fishiness of mackerel. I first had it at the University of Oslo's cafeteria of all places and still shudder at the thought of it. Since then I've tried it cured at the Bergen fish market (slightly better, but still gross), at Sult in Oslo (still slightly better, but still gross), and then again at some fancy place in Ålesund (still slightly better, but yes, still gross). I guess that concludes whale meat. Lucky little Brits to receive such fun påske eggs!

  2. Rudolph the red nose reindeer...

  3. I'm Norwegian and I wouldn't have whale meat either... but I would love to be able to buy reindeer meat in Denmark. Your stew looks delicious. Have a nice trip back home!

  4. nice to see a pic of you in your fab yellow dress...i did begin to think that your fur hood was attched to your head permanently!! - safe trip over here xxx

  5. eating a sea mammal is so not appealing...

    the yellow is lovely on you...especially with the sunshine !... you must take it to london...

  6. definitely agreed - whale meat is a no-go! yick! but brunost? om nom nom! totally addicting. i buy myself a chunk every week from an import cheese shop here, though somehow it tastes so much better when devoured in Norway! ;) have ooodles of fun in London!