Thursday, 7 April 2011

Good things

Sometimes it's good to say out loud that you like something. Last week on Skype I told my friend, "Ooooh I could really eat a Cadbury's Flake right now" and yesterday a big package arrived from her with all my favourite British chocolate, including 4 flakes!
Last weekend I mentioned to Henrik how much I liked some of the new Moomin designs and yesterday as we celebrated our "meeting anniversary" he gave me some Moomin goodies.
It's been a lucky week!


  1. Funny - whenever I go to Finland a Kiwi friend of mine always asks me to bring Flakes with me.

    Just discovered you via Siri. Look forward to reading more. :)

  2. You always have the most beautiful beautiful ceramic ware. I think your good taste has definitely rubbed off on Henrik...

  3. Lucky you Lisa, enjoy them! Think I might just have to do the same except my faves are Minstrels, Cadbury`s creme eggs and a proper nostalgic foil-wrapped English Easter egg with chocs inside. I can hint until I´m blue in the face (even went as far as a blog post hinting to hubby about Hotel Chocolat delivering overseas)but hasnt worked yet!

  4. Guess who bought herself that same pink mommin mamma mug for Mother's Day last year? I like it because she uses mommin pappa's top hat to collect her berries- just might have to take that tip this summer when blueberry season hits! In the states, Cadbury means only one thing- creamed filled eggs. I adore them in all their disgustinnes. So what's in a flake?

  5. what a sweetheart... and now I am CRAVING a 99!