Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The snow really is melting now and I am so excited! Never in my life did I think I would be so excited to see the return of grass. I feel I have made it through my first norwegian winter.
Yesterday it read 16c on my window thermometer (although I believe it was really 11c but my window is a sun trap) It was sooooo nice. I went to school without a coat and we sat on the school balcony soaking up the sun. I'm now obsessed with checking the weather,hoping it will continue. Lovely!


  1. I'm exactly the same way!

    I'm impressed that Oslo seems to be just as warm as Copenhagen though. It's like once spring comes, we have the same climate. Think that applies to Stockholm too, and yet you guys up north get some much snow, whereas our winter months are just bland.

    Hmm, there may have been some lesson at school about this that I didn't pay attention to;O)

  2. I just saw images of Osloites on the news sitting outside at cafes with sun beaming down on them! NOT the case here. Funny photos today- I, myself have taken several shots of" the man with the hat" on several occasions over the years. Isn't he handsome?

  3. go to hear you have a skip in your step with the snow melting. it is bloody hot hot hot here. we are meant to be in autumn but today it was 35!!! omg piss off summer come on cooler weather...

  4. Yipeeeee.....let’s hope that’s the end of the snow for you, and your feet can touch some luscious grass very soon!