Sunday, 20 March 2011


We spent the day in Oslo yesterday on relatively snow free streets. It amazes me that we live 7 minutes outside Oslo yet we still have sooooo much snow in our neck of the woods. It's melting though and I hear if temps stay this way we could be snow free in 2 weeks time. So exciting!
So many nice things I wanted to buy yesterday but I'm now saving all my money for fleamarket season. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


  1. That looks like my dream shopping trip! Yes i am excited about the car boot season getting back into full swing over here!

  2. If only money hang on trees :-)

  3. I wouldn't know how to spell OMG! in Norwegian, but I am nuts about the Mormor pattern tableware in your pictures. I googled it! LOVE that!
    The good news is that it's available here and the bad news is that it's kind of expensive...
    Thanks for the lovely pictures tho!

  4. Provins- Yes, if only!
    Kate-Enjoy your car boot sales!
    Dan-OMG = herregud in norsk! It's lovely isn't it? You can get the whole set for about $300 which I don't think is too bad?

  5. That last comment by Dan was me, Phyl...if my husband is signed in to his account at gmail it comes up as him...I think that's the price for just the serving pieces set, btw. Oh well, like I NEED more dishes! I will put it on my wish list, tho.
    Still, OMG, herregud! 8-)
    Getting a major winter storm today; I hope it's more like spring for you.

  6. tooootally sympathetic here on the snow in oslo ... every day we have sun, i'm shout, "melt, baby, melt!" -- i love walking on ice-free sidewalks (could do without copious amounts of rocks & pebbles, too) i'm holding out for more sun.