Friday, 25 March 2011


Let me reintroduce you to norwegian grass! Not seen around these parts since November 2010.
It made a welcome return on Wednesday evening in Henrik's parents garden!
It's looking a little bit brown and sad just now but give it a couple of weeks of sunshine and it will be back to it's former glory. Welcome back grass!!!!
(the cat is Chat noir who I'd imagine is also pretty chuffed to have something warm under his little toes)
The fjord at their house is no longer frozen (although some parts are) and I look forward to boating over to that little Island for a swim and a picnic in a few months time.


  1. I love cats... always a funny look upon their face :D

  2. A swim and picnic in the fjord sounds like a dream right now.

    Hurra for grass! I just discovered the first sprouting of tulips in my garden, let's just hope nobody eats them before they bloom....