Sunday, 13 February 2011


As I type this is it -22c outside. In all my 37 years I have never felt cold like it and I love it! It fascinates me. It spikes your legs and feels like pins pushing into your face but the weather is just amazing,bright blue skies with no clouds. These are the days when you remember why you moved to Norway!
Last night we had our friends over for dinner and they bought their beautiful husky puppy,Maverick with them and I fell in love with the naughty little six month old (I didn't even mind when he stole my gin & tonic!)


  1. Husky puppies are adorable! In all your photographs Norway does look amazing. I love the little insight into your world over there!

  2. you have a beautiful winter. so much snow! and I remember that first warm days, with the sun in Norway were in April. have a nice sunday.

  3. I cannot imagine how cold that must be. In Holland the winters can be cold, but not THAT cold... brrrrrrrr.... but I really love winter & snow though (when I look through my window :P)