Thursday, 20 January 2011

This evening

I have been slaving over my homework this evening as Henrik is going to Stockholm on Sunday for work and if I leave it til Sunday night (as I usually would do) then I'm buggered if I get stuck.
As a "well done, Im proud of you" present Henrik bought me some iittala Ultima Thule glasses. Im hoping if the good work continues then I'll have a set of 10 by the time the course finishes (now if that's not an incentive to learn Norwegian then I don't know what is!)


  1. Hi Emily! We are using På vei. What about you?

  2. We use the Ultima glasses every weekend. It's sort of our special glass to drink from on Sundays.

    I think I might go make a gin and tonic now... :)

  3. I see some wonderful vintage ceramic