Sunday, 16 January 2011

Snowy Sunday

Lat night: Lentil,carrot and bacon soup with a fresh crunchy greek salad (I finally found good proper Greek feta, none of that Apetina nonsense that everyone here seems to think is good feta. It's not!) Followed by Rosemary's Baby and a seinfeld marathon. (Did you know that Amazon delivers free to Norway? I just found out a few weeks ago and we have been ordering like maniacs. Just be warned that if your order goes over £20 then customs will sting you for about £20 in charges, so it's best to make lots of little orders!)
This morning: A whole load of snow has been dumped on us. I've given up worrying about our door being snowed in as it never manages to come all the way down the stairs, thankfully!
Going to see Henrik's folks today and will practice my new Norwegian on them (even though their English is fab!)


  1. Yummy dinner and that is so great about Amazon for you! There isn't a day that goes by that i don't add something to my Amazon wish list...Hope the Norwegian speaking goes well today!

  2. I like your frontdoor is downstairs, looks so cozy