Thursday, 30 December 2010


It's so cold out today so we are staying put. Henrik has had a raging fever for the last few days and I have gone into hibernation mode, enjoying lots of old films on TV (plus a seinfeld box set) and catching up on all the magazines I bought in England (I refuse to buy magazines in Norway as even Norwegian magazines cost around £6) I love this time of year between Christmas and New year, something so cozy about it!


  1. Love the top picture... the rug (Oooh!) and those coasters (Aaah!). Wishing Henrik a speedy recovery... fortunately I've not been ill this Christmas which is a first.

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to not hoard magazines (Elle Deco & Living etc). Perhaps I should send them your way once I am done?

    Happy New Year to you both! X

  2. Karen- I also threw out 3 years worth of Living etc when we moved here (so hard to do!)
    Thank you for your kind offer but I think it would be too expensive for you to send magazines here (and I think your money would be much better spent on cute little outfits for Milo!!)
    Happy new year to you three! x

  3. that rug makes a great picture. i also have way too many magazines. i need to read them, tear out what i like and chuck the rest. it seems simple. i have a whole month. why can't i do it?! x

  4. love living mag, what a mags from Norway are like,any good?

  5. Where did you get that lovely rug?!

  6. Kay loves vintage- Yes, Norwegian magazines are very good, esp home decoration ones but Im not spending that much on them!
    Sarah- The rug is from Ikea. They dont seem to sell it anymore though! :( It's become really grubby though (I photographed the bits that don't have ketchup on!)