Friday, 10 December 2010

So, I have moaned rather a lot about Norway these last few days and want to end the week on a more positive note....
Do you know that when Norwegians get their pay cheque in December,they only pay half a month worth of tax. I guess it's a little Christmas gift from the government to say "Hey guys, thanks for living in this overpriced country of ours and paying at least 38% more for your products than everyone else living in Europe!!"
It's a nice thought though and lovely to have a bit more money in your pocket at this time of year. I don't have a job so it does not affect me!
Oh, and a little tip..... If in Norway you are receiving lots of annoying sales calls on your mobile,just simply answer the phone with a British accent and they hang up straight away!! Wa-hey!
Ok, next week there will be no moaning about Norway. I promise!
p.s About that recipe (As Mary kindly pointed out) I have put butter down twice! Its just 3/4 cup of butter. Ignore the 1 cup part!


  1. hello! i just found your blog..... so beautiful - all your images - quite lovely!

  2. Hi. The second to last photo didn't come up. (This is the first time it has happened) xx

    Wish I lived there, looks a damn sight nicer than Willesden Green!

  3. You are right about all your comments of Norway, Lisa! I know, while I grew up there. The pictures are extreamly nice, but you cannot only live on nice pictures and nature. There are a lot of other important thing to life, which you wiol never find in Norway!

  4. I must say i'm enjoying your comments about Norway a lot, maybe because I felt (and still feel) almost the same here in Finland. It's not easy to be an expat!
    Hope both of us get over the culture shock soon! ;)

  5. Thanks for visiting me too!
    Answering your question, I moved to Finland because of my Finnish boyfriend, otherwise I don't think I would come all the way here (I'm from Brazil btw). And about culture shock not lasting forever, I sure hope it doesn't but this is my 5th year in Finland, I should be used to this place (and people) by now!
    Anyway, hope you overcome cultural differences faster than me! ;)

  6. They look delicious, but two lots of butter in the recipe? is that right?