Monday, 8 November 2010


It is seriously cold here now and the fjord is frozen (it was free flowin' on Friday, what a difference 2 days makes!) I'm still dressing like an English person so I'm freezing most of the time ( I did give in and bought the first pair of wellies I've owned since I was ten!) but Im gradually understanding the Norwegian saying "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!"
I made a big pan of White bean soup and we headed of to the beach and enjoyed the sunset. I will miss these days once we are both back at work......


  1. Oh, that must be a scandinavian saying, because in Denmark we also say the same. (But it's still friggin' cold!)
    But beautiful winterpictures. The light is beautiful. And I feel like cranberryjuice now... damn.

    - Ida

  2. thanks for the link, i will give it a go tonight.

  3. i love the light in your photos!

  4. Whoa, that looks really cold! And I was complaining this morning when I went to work without a scarf...

    I just wanted to say "Hej" since I read your blog for a while now and I really really like it!

    Go on, please!

  5. this post is amazing. i'm dreaming of such a beautiful winter.

  6. lovely light on these photos. Looks sooooo chilly there!