Monday, 1 November 2010

Fleamarket finds

Im trying to be selective at fleamarkets these days, only buying stuff that makes sense but its hard to not just pick up any old things and store it for that day when we have a, um, big house!!
Latest must -have- buys are a child sized Aalto stool (£4) two brand new rugs (Im not in the market for 2nd hand rugs, way too germy, and too expensive to dry clean if they are wool) in a style that I would never have looked at six months ago but now Im here in Norway they just seem to fit. Last but not least is the Rorstrand salt pot bought for me by Elise at last weekends Fleamarket visit, which I love.
Happy November everyone!


  1. An Aalto stool for £4? That really is a find! I never seem to come back with anything as nice as you do when I go to fleamarkets. Must try harder ;o)

  2. OMG... £4 for a kids Stool NE60! That really IS a find. I have 6 full size and obviously am now thinking on the small side.

    I have no idea where to go in London (are there places?) am always so envious when I read posts about fleamarkets.

  3. Karen- I am so chuffed with this stool! I have a list of things I eventually hope to find at fleamarkets and so far Im ticking things off at a furious rate!! Im not sure where to go in London though, we used to go to Detling antique fairs in Kent and to Kempton, although I feel everyone is so savvy that its hard to get a good deal. At the Fleamarkets here people seem a bit oblivious to the value of things! Works in my favour!

  4. Fantastic finds ! The salt pot in particular is adorable. Very jealous of those fabulous Norwegian flea markets !

  5. I know the feeling - I am trying hard to avoid flea markets I just have too much stuff!
    In London try Greenwich & Spitalfields for saturday/thursday markets, Brick Lane on sunday, Crystal palace for vintage shops, Battersea for sunday bootsale and I am sure there are lots more (not all that cheap though - London prices!).