Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fantastisk loppemarked!

See, I'm learning the important words in Norwegian (fantastic fleamarket!)
This morning I found this beauty (and I do believe its either a Kaj Franck or Raija Uosikken for Arabia?) for....... wait for it....... 10kr (£1) Im a very happy bunny today!
I found many,many great things which I will share another time. It was totally worth moving to Norway just for the Fleamarkets!


  1. Glad you having such a great time. Would love to see more pics of your newly interiored house. Have a super autumn. xx

  2. Thank you Lisa, I feel very happy with my decision too:O)

    And how lovely your new home looks with your furniture in it! Can't wait to see more pictures as you unpack and decorate! And acquire more flea market treasures!

  3. wow you moved to norway! i will miss your herringbone floor but looks like you've settled in nicely. i think that is kaj franck. it's a beauty.

  4. Francesca- Oh, I miss my wonderful floors too!

  5. Arabia I would guess. Grandma had one, which she bouht from Finland, just across the border in a finnish style shop. The Finnish people have been more interested in design as long as I can remember ( 40 years.. cirka)