Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bits of our holiday

The weather was not kind to us apart from the last day and the fjord was full of jellyfish which I ignored until I met with a swarm of the little buggers and was stung all over my body (seeing as Im allergic to many things I presumed I would react badly to jellyfish stings so retreated to our cottage to die a slow and painful death which thankfully didnt happen! Melodramatic? Moi?) We ate delicious food,ice cream with licorice sprinkles, went out on the boat and queued in many government offices in Olso in an attempt to turn me into an immigrant! Wahey!!


  1. your sunny holi-day looks great! love the icecream and your breakfast... and norway :)

  2. look at all them little starfish!! and boo to jellyfish! congrats on the flat you guys, can't wait to see how you'll make it your own!