Monday, 3 May 2010


In the great British tradition this weekends bank holiday weather has been shite! We have spent most of it at home doing little jobs that we can never be bothered doing (all my summer clothes are washed and ready to wear, winter clothes packed away) Henrik was on candy man mode,scoffing as many goodies as he could. I made a big pan of scouse which is a dish I used to eat every Saturday as a kid at my grandmothers house in Liverpool, funnily enough it originates from Norway where it is called Lapskaus and Henrik used to have it as a child too (We also ate it at our wedding as we thought it tied our two cultures together quite nicely!)


  1. just found your lovely blog via tales of a junkaholic. what a surprise to see my crazy peacock and circles cushions, they look splendid on your sofa!

    virginia x

  2. Just wanted to say... I love your blog.
    Dee : )