Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

I never really made much fuss about Easter decorations before but Henrik grew up having a little Easter tree so now we have one too, we also adopted the Norwegian way of filling a paper egg shell with sweets.Much nicer I think..... Today I have finished work for two lovely whole weeks, feels so good. No Norway for us this Easter though as Henrik is saving his holidays for a big long one in the summer,so this weekend we are just heading down to Kent until Tuesday. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Yummy, and super shots as per usual. Can't believe you would really eat a creme egg! Have a super time in Kent and a wonderful rest. k xx

  2. Kaya- I LOVE Creme eggs!!! Bite it in half,then lick out the cream, you cant beat it! Enjoy the nice long break!

  3. Your easter looks nice. :)
    Have a happy one!

  4. Cadbury creme eggs...ummmm
    Hope you had a lovely easter and trip to Kent :o)