Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow free zone

Im tired of looking at snow (be it on photographs or out of my window)
Today the sun popped out for just a few minutes before hiding away again.
Im counting down the days until Spring.....


  1. I love the light and shadow in your first photo!

  2. again I'm admiring your home, it's just so lovely and inspiring! I'm not over snow yet, for some reason I'm just in love with the cold weather and all the snow this winter. I think it's the light - there's so much more light now than there was a month ago and the snow reflects it around even more. it makes me really happy. but I wouldn't be against having a few spring flowers to brighten up our home too :)

  3. Katja- I'd love the snow too if England knew how to cope with it! It does not get plowed, they dont grit the roads and we dont have winter tyres on our cars (unlike Norway who deal with snow very efficiantly) Im ready for Spring! (Im happy you are enjoying YOUR winter though!)

  4. ooh, I am SO envious of all your toadstool patterned things!!