Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Peyton and Byrne

Popped into the West End after work to do some Christmas shopping and could not resist a cake from Peyton and Byrne. It looked better than it tasted!


  1. I agree, there is something not right with their cupcakes... eeek. Xmas shopping! I think we'll be doing all of ours online this year which means no tasty breaks inbetween :0(

  2. The shop sure looks appetizing.
    It´s so disappointing, when something looks better than it tastes.
    Bought some macaroons in Berlin from Lenôtre, they did not live up to my expectations:o(

    PS I´d like a hot bath, hot soup and some glogg this weekend ;o)

  3. This shop lokks so nice, shame the cakes are not!