Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bits of our home

Still unpacking, nice to finally unpack lots of our wedding presents after almost
a year.
Many children in my school have swine flu, one more week there before
we finish for the summer, I wish they would close it down now and try to stop
it spreading......


  1. oooh the flat looks wonderful! and I'm seriously jealous of the herring bone flooring :)

    hope you manage to fight the lurgies, I'm a bit paranoid about swine flu as I wouldn't be able to take tamiflu in my current "state"... I might just barricade myself in at home until november...

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Famapa
    The floor is what sold the flat to us in the first place! Everything just looks nice on it, even all our tatty,old furniture!

  3. so lovely! I too love your floor! And all the lovely things - those trays and little containers, swoon! :) I just asked about Flickr since I wanted to 'favorite' many of your pictures for my inspiration folder there :D I really love flickr, it's a great place to share pictures and meet people who like the same kind of things :) I really love the light in your pictures, our home is lovely but since it has low ceilings and kind of small windows and small rooms the light isn't the best.